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Coiling Accumulator for Drip Irrigation Pipes

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Coiling Accumulator for Drip Irrigation Pipes

A coiling accumulator for drip irrigation pipes is an essential component in the manufacturing process of drip irrigation systems.

Coiling Accumulator 150

Enhancing Pipe Coiling Efficiency

The Coiling Accumulator Model 150 is an essential component in the world of pipe coiling, designed to significantly improve the efficiency and quality of the coiling process.

Its role in hoarding pipe during coil changes is instrumental in achieving better pipe grab and reducing coiler cutting speed.

This, in turn, enhances pipe stability and results in more visually appealing coils.

Let's delve into the key features and advantages of the Coiling Accumulator 150

coiling accumulator for drip irrigation pipes
coiling accumulator for drip irrigation pipes

Key Features and Benefits

Efficient Pipe Hoarding

The primary function of the Coiling Accumulator 150 is to hoard pipe during coil changes. This process allows for smoother transitions and minimizes downtime during coiling machine operation.

Enhanced Pipe Grab

By hoarding the pipe, the accumulator ensures a better grip on the material. This improved grip reduces the coiler's cutting speed, leading to more precise and controlled coiling.

Stable Pipe Coils

The accumulator's role in stabilizing the pipe during the coiling process has a direct impact on the appearance of the coils. Stable pipe coils are not only visually appealing but also easier to handle and transport.

Intelligent Communication

The Coiling Accumulator 150 is equipped with intelligent features that enhance its functionality:

Communication with the Coiling Machine

The accumulator communicates with the coiling machine, providing real-time information about the coiling process's status and operation instructions. This ensures seamless coordination between the two components.

-Air Pressure Regulation

An air pressure regulator is integrated into the accumulator to set the desired pipe tightness. This feature allows for fine-tuning the coiling process to meet specific requirements.

Air Valve Control

The accumulator includes an air valve that brings two wheels closer together during the initial operation. This feature ensures that the pipe is properly engaged and held securely during coiling.

Analog Sensor

An analog sensor is employed to set the opening location, further enhancing the precision of the coiling process.


The Coiling Accumulator 150 is a critical addition to any pipe coiling operation, offering efficiency, stability, and enhanced pipe grab.

Its intelligent features, including communication with the coiling machine and precise air pressure regulation, make it a valuable asset in the production of neatly coiled pipes.

Invest in the Coiling Accumulator 150 to streamline your pipe coiling process, reduce downtime, and produce high-quality, stable coils.

Experience the benefits of enhanced pipe grab and improved pipe stability, leading to more visually appealing and manageable coils that meet the demands of your industry.

Its primary function is to temporarily store and accumulate the coiled drip irrigation pipe as it comes off the production line.

This allows for a more efficient and continuous production process while ensuring that the coiled pipes are neatly organized and ready for packaging and distribution.

Key features and benefits of a coiling accumulator for drip irrigation pipes include:

Continuous Production

The coiling accumulator allows the production line to operate continuously without interruption.

As the coiled pipe accumulates in the accumulator, the production line can continue running, minimizing downtime.

Improved Coil Quality

By carefully organizing and accumulating the coiled pipe, the accumulator helps maintain the quality of the coils. This results in neatly wound and stable coils that are easier to handle and transport.

Reduced Waste

A well-designed coiling accumulator minimizes material waste by ensuring that each coil is consistently sized and free from defects.

Efficient Packaging

Neatly coiled and organized pipes are easier to package and transport, reducing the likelihood of damage during handling and shipping.

Customizable Design

Coiling accumulators can be designed to accommodate different pipe sizes and production line speeds, making them adaptable to various manufacturing requirements.

Overall, a coiling accumulator for drip irrigation pipes plays a crucial role in optimizing the production process, ensuring quality control, and facilitating efficient packaging and distribution of drip irrigation systems.

It is a valuable addition to any drip irrigation pipe production line, helping manufacturers meet the demands of the agricultural industry.


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