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Vacuum calibration tank

Flat and Round drippers line

Mopline Irrigation Pipe Vacuum calibration tank

In the world of agriculture, efficient and reliable irrigation systems are paramount.

series is designed to meet these critical needs, offering a comprehensive range of machinery to produce high-quality irrigation pipes.

Our line includes flat drip irrigation tape machines, round drip irrigation pipe production lines, Mopline irrigation pipe production lines, and PE irrigation pipe production lines, each tailored to specific requirements.

- Max pipe diameter: 50mm

- Standard tools: 16mm

- Made of 316- stainless steel. Tank wall steel 2.5mm thickness.

- The vacuum system works in pouring principle – vacuum only in the upper chamber, keeping good vacuum stability.

- vacuum tank length: 5m, 4.6m Net.

- 3 tempered glass lids

- 2.5'' inch filter with online wash capability

- 4 electronic flow meters to control water flow in calibrator and cold bridge area

- analogic controlled vacuum intensity by PLC

- analogic controlled water pumping intensity by PLC

- a user-friendly touch screen HMI + PLC to control the system

- an electric piston to drive the system FWD/REV

- an ultrasonic sensor to control system position

- automatic drive to a desired position, and the ability to control motion speed

- automatic system retract

- coated rails to prevent corrosion and rust

- X-Y system with micrometers to control adhesion wheel

- easy to remove, 4 screws assembly to easily remove the adhesion wheel for maintenance or replace

- 2 options for calibrator:

1. water cooled, without pouring the water back to the vacuum tank

2. conventional punched calibrator, pouring the water back to the vacuum tank

- front calibrator's water spread with holes that spread the water evenly around the pipe

- anti-bubble calibrator's water distributing unit, with an additional filter with corpuscles to prevent calcification in the calibrator.

- mechanical in/out water gauges

- mechanical and digital vacuum pressure gauges

- mechanical temperature gauge

- vacuum pressure display on HMI screen, with division into colored zones, depending on work settings

Cooling tanks:


  • 2 cooling tanks

  • An additional cooling/drying tank

  • A drying chamber using air pressure

  • 316 polished stainless steel tubes

  • Anti-leakage hot water fittings

  • Easy tanks drain using one tap

Mopline Irrigation Pipe Vacuum calibration tank
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