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Mopline Machshevet LTD

Mopline is a leading company in development and production of unique systems to promote agricultural activity, based on original thinking and the use of top of the line technology in the world.


The company's founder, Erez Yiflach, a first prize winner of the International Agritech Exhibition, developed and supplied his clients with original unique equipment such as:
An automated planting machine, irrigation industry equipment (production lines for an automatic insertion of drippers to a drip pipe, a fast and accurate perforating system),
automatic system for sorting and packaging of flowers, designed and manufactured an original water filter for irrigation and more.


Mopline company, managed by Erez Yiflach, provides equipment to leading companies around the world such as: Azud, John Deer, NaanDanJain, Adritech (Jordan, Greece, India and more), Eurodrip, Plasim, Metzerplas, Hydromatic, Arkal and others. 
Erez was also the head of R&D in Netafim.


Mopline Machshevet LTD
Erez yiflach CEO
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