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Drip Irrigation inserting machine iFC-800

Standard output: one cylindrical dripper output and one flat dripper output. Flat dripper output can be replaced using a kit for every geometry of given flat dripper.

Long sorting system, allowing running the dripper at high speed and reaching very high sorting speed.

The system includes an accumulator with an option for up to 4 different tracks, so it fits the required dripper's geometry, according to customer's requirements.

The insertion unit has an easy to replace dripper track – according the required dripper. Adjustable belt height to the desired height.

Within few minuets, it is possible to change dripper type – flat dripper to a different flat dripper, or flat dripper to a cylindrical dripper.

The control system saves work parameters for each dripper, as well as inserting unit position – so it reaches to the correct position for every dripper.

The control system is connected to the perforating unit, which allows seeing actual dripper's spacing in a graph. This also allows controlling the insertion system from the perforating system (on/off).

There are several options for line speed reference: independent, from perforating system, from haul-off system (TTL) or from a 24vdc encoder.

Mopline Drip Irrigation Machine Flat and cylindrical drippers line inserting machine
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Drip Irrigation Flat and cylindrical drippers line

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