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Cylindrical and flat drippers line

Haul-off machine 140

• Length of tracks 800mm

• Contact length 610mm

• Pulling force 40 kg

• Line speed 200-250mpm (By changing transmission ratio it is possible

   to achieve different line speed)

• The belt is a Nylon strap covered with red Linatex

• Belt width 100mm

• Distance between tracks when open 75mm

• While closed, the desired pressure is adjusted by a regulator

• Operating buttons:

   - Open/Close Cylinder

   - On/Off Engine

   - Increasing/ Reducing unit's relative speed

   - Emergency stop

• Final closing height of Caterpillar is adjusted manually, by a handle

• In accordance with a written request, it is possible to replace

     handle with a motor, for easier operation

• Standard height of belts 1000mm


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