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Accessibility Statement

Mopline Machshevet LTD. (“Mopline ltd”) has great importance in making its website accessible to people with disabilities, thereby enabling the majority of the population to use the site easily and comfortably.

This site complies with the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Regulations (Accessibility Adjustments for Service), 5763-2013.

The site complies with the recommendations of the Israeli standard (IS 5568) for the accessibility of content on the Internet marked as an AA.

Accessibility Features

Mopline has made has made strict accessibility adjustments to the site, that include, among other things, semantic and informative implementation of assistive technologies, navigation and operation with a keyboard only, color adjustment, labels and forms guidelines for the benefit of all users.

In order to get the best experience, we recommend using the latest NVDA version.

Accessibility limitations

It is important to note that despite our efforts to make all the site’s pages accessible, parts of the site may not be accessible yet.

We continue working on improving the accessibility of the site as part of our commitment to allow it to be used by the entire population, including people with disabilities.

If you encounter content that is not accessible on the site, you are welcome to contact us, and we will be happy to help and improve the site’s accessibility.


If you encounter an accessibility problem while browsing the site, we will be happy if you’ll bring it to our attention so that we will be able to correct it as soon as possible.

We will also be happy to answer any question and receive any comment. Therefore

, in any case of request for information and accessibility suggestions please contact: : + 972 04 6420446 Email:



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