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Mopline Drip Irrigation Recycling machine

Cylindrical and flat drippers line

recycle machine 700

  • The system separates the pipe to parts with dripper and parts without, by cutting it into short sections, which will be ejected from two different sides.

  • Computerized caterpillar for pulling the pipe

  • Pulling speed of the incoming pipe is about 20 meters per minute.

  • The machine detects double dripper or adjacent drippers, and prevents drippers from being ejected to the incorrect side.

  • When the machine detects a section without drippers, it increases pulling speed.

  • Pulling load sensitivity to prevent belt wear and sensors which detects pipe folding (when using thin wall pipes) to prevent mechanical damage to the machine.

  • Once electricity and air plugged in- the machine is ready for immediate operation.

  • The machine includes the following main components: computerized caterpillar, computerized cutting system, sensing system, drivers and controllers, special software, two servo brushless motors and a friendly HMI+PLC system for easy operation.

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