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Mopline Drip Irrigation Pipe System Machine

Mopline - Pioneering Agricultural Advancements
At Mopline, we stand at the forefront of agricultural innovation, leading the way in the development and production of unique systems that empower and elevate agricultural activities. With a strong commitment to original thinking and the incorporation of cutting-edge global technology, we have been instrumental in revolutionizing the agricultural landscape.
Top-of-the-Line Technology
To deliver on our commitment to excellence, we employ top-of-the-line technology from around the world. Our dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements ensures that our systems are not only efficient but also adaptable to the ever-evolving agricultural landscape.
A Global Impact
Mopline influence extends far beyond our headquarters.
Our solutions have found homes in agricultural landscapes across the globe, from large-scale global corporations to privately owned independent pipe manufacturers in emerging markets.
Our commitment to sustainability and efficiency transcends borders, making a meaningful impact on food production, water conservation, and resource optimization.
Agritech Mopline
Erez Tape Machine, Argentina
CIMG9495 tiny
Perforating machine F-170, Spain
Coiling machine 191-B, India
Coiling machine 191-B, India
Perforating machine F-170, India
Inserting machine I-1100, Spain
insert machine
Inserting machine I-1090, India
Mopline's drip irrigation machinary

Mopline's drip irrigation machinary

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Our new line is live, better quality, faster, possibility to change droppers quickly, come in and see.

Standard output: Flat dripper output can be replaced using a kit for every geometry of given flat dripper.


🚀 Unleash the Power of Upgraded Irrigation Technology with Mopline! 🌱 Mopline Flat drippers line perforating machine Drip Irrigation Pipe System Introducing our cutting-edge, high-speed perforating machine with unmatched capabilities! 💧 ✅ Drill Speed X2 Up to an astounding upgrade, ensuring efficient and rapid perforation. ✅ Precision Control Electronic drill adjustment for pipe length and mechanical adjustment for pipe width, allowing you to tailor your irrigation system to perfection.


Flat drippers line perforating machine

🌱 Mopline Drip Irrigation: Your One-Stop Solution for Top-Quality Drip Irrigation Systems! 🌐

Discover our comprehensive range of cutting-edge machines and production lines, all designed to elevate your irrigation game. From flat drippers to round pipes, we've got it all!

🚜 Flat Drippers Line: Perfect for precision irrigation in agriculture and horticulture.

🔄 Round Drip Irrigation Pipe Production Line: Achieve efficient water distribution for your crops.

📦 Mopline Irrigation Pipe Production Line: Tailored to meet your specific requirements.

🟨 PE Irrigation Pipe Production Line: Ensuring water efficiency for a sustainable future.

🌾 Join the ranks of satisfied customers around the world who trust Mopline for all their drip irrigation needs.


Flat drippers line ALL PRODUCTION

Standard output: one cylindrical dripper output and one flat dripper output. Flat dripper output can be replaced using a kit for every geometry of given flat dripper.

Long sorting system, allowing running the dripper at high speed and reaching very high sorting speed.

The system includes an accumulator with an option for up to 4 different tracks, so it fits the required dripper's geometry, according to customer's requirements.

Perforating machine for flat drippers

  • Drill speed: up to 1000 drippers/minute

  • Minimum distance between drippers: 10 cm

  • Electronic drill adjustment for pipe length; mechanic adjustment for pipe width

Mopline Drip Irrigation Pipe System Machine
Top-of-the-Line Technology

inserting machine

Inserting machine for flat drippers

Mopline Drip Irrigation Pipe Insert System Machine
Top-of-the-Line Technology
  • The system separates the pipe to parts with dripper and parts without, by cutting it into short sections, which will be ejected from two different sides.

  • Computerized caterpillar for pulling the pipe

  • Pulling speed of the incoming pipe is about 20 meters per minute.

  • The machine detects double dripper or adjacent drippers, and prevents drippers from being ejected to the incorrect side.

Drip Irrigation
  • System includes:

  • 1000 mm gauge bowl-feeder

  • Connective conveyor

  • Computerized insert system

  • Dripper elevator

Mopline drip irrigation manufacturing machines IN INDIA

Mopline drip irrigation Coiling accumulator IN INDIA

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