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Cylindrical drippers line

Perforating machine for round drippers


  • Drill speed: up to 500 drippers/minute

  • Minimum distance between drippers: 20 cm (15 cm - optional)

  • Electronic drill adjustment for pipe length

  • Dripper distance statistics and updated distance display

  • Faulty tolerance distance alert; dripper shortage alert

  • Synchronized pulse output to quality control camera; camera indication of drill quality

  • Coil stopper output option

  • Alarm sound option

  • Optional group drilling

  • Mechanic dripper recognition

  • Up to 4 drills at a time per dripper

  • Friendly, localized user interface and unit control

  • Machine's body made of stainless steel


Perforating machine for round drippers
Technical data
Drip Irrigation Pipe Machine perforating machine C-169 Mopline

With the Mopline Drip Drilling System machine, you can automate your company's production system and ensure optimal use of the machine for production. Our machine is built to the highest standards and maximum, using the latest technology in the field of production systems in the field of drip irrigation. Upgrade your system today and see the difference in your productivity!

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perforating machine C-169

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