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Drip Irrigation Perforating Machine for Flat Drippers

Precision and Efficiency Unleashed


In the realm of drip irrigation production, precision is paramount. The Perforating Machine for Flat Drippers is a game-changer, designed to meet and exceed the demands of modern agriculture.

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Drip Irrigation Perforating Machine

SKU: 172
  • Impressive Drill Speed The Perforating Machine for Flat Drippers achieves an astounding drill speed of up to 1000 drippers per minute. This rapid perforation capability ensures high-volume production with unparalleled efficiency.


    Minimum Dripper Distance Maintain a minimum distance of just 10 cm between drippers, ensuring precise and uniform water distribution to crops.


    Electronic and Mechanical Adjustments The machine offers electronic drill adjustment for pipe length and mechanical adjustment for pipe width, providing flexibility for customization to meet specific requirements.


    Dripper Distance Statistics Stay informed about your production with dripper distance statistics and an updated distance display, helping you monitor and maintain consistency in your output.


    Alert System The machine features a faulty tolerance distance alert and a dripper shortage alert, ensuring quality control and minimizing production errors.


    Quality Control Camera Integration Synchronize the machine with a quality control camera, which provides visual indication of drill quality, enhancing the reliability of your production process.


    Coil Stopper Exit Option Optimize the workflow with a coil stopper exit option, reducing the need for manual intervention in the production line.


    Alarm Sound Option Customize the machine to meet your preferences with an alarm sound option, alerting operators to important events and changes in production.


    Optional Group Drilling For specific production needs, the machine offers optional group drilling capabilities, allowing you to tailor the output to your requirements.


    Two Dripper Recognition Sensors The machine is equipped with two dripper recognition sensors, a mechanical sensor for wide-edged pipes, and a laser sensor for narrow-edged pipes, ensuring adaptability to various pipe types.


    User-Friendly Interface The machine features a friendly, localized user interface and unit control, simplifying operation and reducing the learning curve for operators.


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