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Mopline Drip Irrigation Coiling Pipe Machine: Revolutionizing Pipe Coiling

In the world of drip irrigation, efficiency and precision are paramount.



Drip Irrigation Coiling Pipe Machine


The Mopline Drip Irrigation Coiling Pipe Machine is engineered to meet these demands head-on.

This advanced machine is designed specifically for coiling wide and narrow flat pipes over cardboard tubes, offering unparalleled speed and precision in the coiling process.



Key Features and Benefits


Impressive Coiling Speed

The Mopline Coiling Pipe Machine achieves an astounding coiling speed of up to 200 meters per minute.

This rapid coiling capability ensures that you can meet the demands of high-volume production with ease.


Versatile Coiling

Whether you're coiling wide or narrow flat pipes, this machine is up to the task.

It can handle roll widths of up to 350 mm and roll diameters of up to 575 mm, providing flexibility to accommodate various pipe dimensions.


Pipe Diameter Compatibility

The Mopline Coiling Machine is suitable for pipes with diameters ranging from 12mm to 20mm, making it adaptable to a wide range of drip irrigation systems.


User-Friendly Interface

The machine boasts a friendly, localized user interface that simplifies operation.


This intuitive interface reduces the learning curve and ensures that operators can maximize productivity.


Controlled Coiling Tension

Precise tension control is crucial for producing neatly coiled pipes.


This machine offers controlled coiling tension, resulting in consistently well-coiled pipes every time.


Automatic Roll Change

Efficiency is further enhanced with the automatic roll change feature. This minimizes downtime and ensures seamless production continuity.


Meter Count Per Roll

To keep track of your production output, the machine provides a meter count per roll, giving you real-time information on the length of coiled pipes.


Automation Capabilities

The machine is highly adaptable, offering the option to read line speed and meter, or function in full automatic mode. This versatility allows you to choose the level of automation that best suits your production needs.


Enhance Your Coiling Process


The Mopline Drip Irrigation Coiling Pipe Machine is more than just a piece of equipment; it's a game-changer for drip irrigation manufacturers.


With its impressive speed, precision, and user-friendly interface, it empowers you to meet the demands of modern agriculture efficiently and effectively.


Whether you're coiling wide or narrow flat pipes, this machine delivers top-notch results with every coil.


Invest in the Mopline Coiling Pipe Machine and experience a revolution in your pipe coiling process.


Achieve higher production rates, reduce downtime, and maintain superior coiling quality.


Join the ranks of satisfied customers who have elevated their coiling operations with Mopline's cutting-edge technology.


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Drip Irrigation Coiling Pipe Machine

SKU: 191
  • Flat drippers line
    coiling machine 191-b

    For coiling wide and narrow flat pipes over cardboard tubes

    Coiling speed: up to 200 m/minute

    Roll width: up to 350 mm, roll diameter: up to 575 mm

    Pipe diameter: 12-20 mm

    Friendly, localized user interface

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